Thursday, 6 December 2012

Red Wall, dreams & music with Radio Bulgaria

I highly recommend this online broadcast from Radio Bulgaria 5 December 2012- highly informative, interesting and also festive. 
"Events and Developments takes a look at the 7th annual meeting between the Bulgarian government and the business which went under the motto “The Big Questions for 2013”. 
Next on the programme it’s RB’s Nature and Environment - in the spotlight today the paradise for orchids in Bulgaria which is found at the Red Wall biosphere reserve, the largest out of 4 biosphere reserves in the Rhodope Mountain which marks its 50 anniversary in 2012.
A little further into the programme – we bring you an interview with a former member of RB’s staff, Diana Dinolova, who is now living and working in France, talks about her books, films and dreams.
In the second half of RB’s daily show – your 30 minutes of Bulgarian music with the best from Nelly Rangelova’s repertoire and the singer’s recent concert in Sofia. 
These are the items coming up on Radio Bulgaria’s program today as we add another touch to a unique panorama of stories and views from this part of the world!"

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