Saturday, 17 November 2012

Beatwolf, Smiths, Quiet KYOT and Wazobia

Some selections from my November 2012 Radio Websites column in Radio User magazine.
Beatwolf Radio is an independent online station broadcasting from Salford Quays and headed up by former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce. There’s an interesting mix of new, often well thought through, music to be heard there. The station follows a “no playlist, no party line” approach so there is plenty of variety aired. 

Radios Online is a useful portal showcasing the biggest as well as some of the smaller stations in UK radio. The obvious BBC and local commercial stations are there but you can click through to regional stations that you might normally miss out on. It’s well worth a few random clicks to see where it leads you. 

Quiet Music is another channel on Mixcloud that I would recommend. You can also find it at Nick Francis is the man behind this weekly three hour show that previously was on Phoenix radio station KYOT for 17 years until 2011. A tranquil merging of ambient, cinematic, acoustic soundtracks, jazz and quiet music will sooth your battered ears. Nick is currently Music Director at Seattle and Pacific north–west station KPLU and Jazz 24 

Radio Wazobia is a Nigerian station that broadcasts in Pidgin English at times, to try and unite and establish a common language for the 150 different languages that can be heard in Lagos.

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