Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DX Window on Denmark

Extract from my monthly Radio Websites column in Radio User, September 2012, 
Who remembers Radio Denmark’s DX Window programme? Bradley Allen in Whitstable asked me for information on it, even though he didn’t ever get to hear it himself.

It was first on air on Sundays way, way back in November 1967, ran for two years and verified over 3,000 reception reports. There is a look back at it in the Shortwave Central blog (look for 23 May 2008):  

The programme included Radio Denmark’s English Service secretary Susanne Jackson who helped compile the programme presented by DJ Christian Flagstad, Anker Peterson and others. There is a short audio extract at a 1989 edition of Media Network, which you can hear at the Media Network Vintage Vault (posted in February 2012), at:  

DX Window went onto become a printed newsletter and most recently, as you’d expect, an online version, the Danish Shortwave Club website has more information on the radio programme and its current formats.  

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