Friday, 1 February 2013

A little light reading

Extracts from Radio Websites column by C Brand, First published in Radio User Jan 2013

Don Keith is a widely published American author of fact and fiction who has also written Riding the shortwaves: Exploring the magic of amateur radio. 

You can order at I have two of his novels lined up on my e-Reader: one is called The Spin, set in Las Vegas, and the other is titled Wizard of the Wind, which is:

“an allegory of what has happened to radio broadcasting over the last 20 years...where power and greed have replaced the creativity and talent of the disc jockeys who virtually re-invented radio on the fly when television threatened to kill it. The book is dedicated to over 300 radio personalities who will be familiar to many who read it. After all, those readers likely grew up listening to some of these air talents, and allowed the legendary DJs to provide the soundtrack of their lives.”

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