Thursday, 14 February 2013

QSLing the World - A How to Guide

Extracts from Radio Websites column by C Brand, First published in Radio User Jan 2013

Another useful book out in 2012 was “QSLing the World - A How to Guide” by Gayle Van Horn of the Monitoring Times.  

Check the Shortwave Central blog for 16th November 2012 for details or order through an online bookstore. She is an engaging author who has written what is a valuable e-book for hobbyists. “a comprehensive resource and reference e-book for any radio hobbyist who is interested in acquiring a verification of reception from almost any type of radio station, whether it is broadcast, utility, amateur radio, satellites, or clandestine! 

Along with QSLs, some radio hobbyists also collect station memorabilia that may include such items as frisbees, bumper stickers, pennants, decals, T-shirts, or anything associated with the station logo, slogan or call sign.” 

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