Monday, 25 February 2013

BBC Top of the Pops alive and well on shortwave...

I hear and read of people bemoaning the BBC World Service’s lack of entertainment programmes these days, but if you tune to their service for Central Africa on Saturday nights you will hear the BBC Top of the Pops programme, presented by Kim Robson. It is strange to hear an old format with the names and sounds of today's pop music scene, but lovely to hear on shortwave. My favourite feature of the show by far is when they look at the charts in another country, such as Brazil or Ecuador. Try their 12095kHz frequency from 2130 UTC.

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John J said...

Just heard on the Radio4 type wireless that there's oriental jamming of the BBC World Service.
I really thought most of this sort of behaviour went out with the end of the cold war.
Ho hum.

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