Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pacific Isles to Mongolia at the turn of a dial...

“Amid all the gloomy news about shortwave cuts there is some good news for us as regards to the Pacific Isles region.” writes Andrew Kirby from Bournemouth. 

He says that Vanuatu is expecting some new powerful shortwave transmitters to arrive soon and that Tahiti is now back on 15170kHz. New Caledonia can be heard on 7170kHz and also Kiribati is on 9825kHz with a more powerful transmitter. Andrew comments that the Pacific Islands are an ideal area of the world for shortwave with one frequency reaching across hundreds of miles of blue sea. “Nothing fancy, just turning on your radio while relaxing on a beautiful desert isle.”

Andrew has picked up Rangoon in Myanmar (or Burma) on 5985.85kHz at 1600 UTC with a sign off at 1630 UTC and a signal strength of two. Equally exotic is Ulaan Baator in Mongolia heard on 12085khz (a frequency it has used for decades) at 0900 UTC. A signal strength of three and a sign on with “chimes like Radio Beijing used to have 15 years ago.”

Extract from my monthly column in Radio User

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