Monday, 13 December 2010

December 2010 Advent Radio Blog 13

From my Radio Websites column, two years ago in December 2008, in Radio User, PW Publishing Ltd:

Green Greetings this Christmas

Are you are one of the thousands who have vowed not to send Christmas cards this year for environmental reasons but are donating to charity instead? But still wanting to send something festive to friends? There is an easy, relatively environmentally friendly way to send a Christmas greeting to friends without the cards clogging up the postal system. An email greeting with a link is an answer. Try this Deutsche Welle Christmas animation of an igloo complete with satellite dish. Seasonal greetings in many languages, set to atmospheric music, rounds off the perfect salutation:   

There is a choice of e-cards to send over at Radio Prague, from a gang of art-gazing Santa Clauses to a historic lamp-lit wintry street. Simply choose your card, type a greeting and the recipient’s email address:  

If you are looking to buy a radio that has eco-friendly credentials then the Ethical Consumer Store believe they have plenty to choose from at their website:

These include Roberts’ “solarDAB” radio. This costs around £80, comes in festive green or red and is billed as the “world's first solar powered DAB radio. This stylish and compact portable radio has a solar panel integrated into the top of the unit which absorbs direct sunlight in order to power the radio. solarDAB is ideal for use in gardens, conservatories, greenhouses, on suitable windowsills, or away from home while camping, fishing, at the beach, or anywhere that you wish to listen to the radio away from conventional power sources.”

There are a selection of other mp3 players, wind up radios and Roberts radios too, at:  

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