Saturday, 4 December 2010

December 2010 Radio Advent blog 4

It’s back to LBC and Steve Allen again. Every year since 1947 the people of Norway have sent a Christmas tree to Trafalgar Square in London, as a thank you for the British help in World War II.

Personally I think they should stop this until Britain stops polluting their forests and fjords with acid rain, as I wrote to the Norwegian Embassy in 1983.

See also this website: 
“One early answer to industrial air pollution was to build very tall chimneys. Unfortunately all this does is push the polluting gases up into the clouds allowing emissions to float away on the wind. The wind carries the pollution many hundreds of miles away where it eventually falls as acid rain. In this way Britain has contributed at least 16% of the acid deposition in Norway. Over ninety percent of Norway's acid pollution comes from other countries. The worst European polluters re Germany, UK, Poland and Spain. In 1994 each of them produced over a million tons of sulphur emissions. Governments have since admitted that acid rain is a serious environmental problem and many countries have taken steps to reduce the amount of sulphur and nitrogen emissions, but they are still a problem”.

But anyway, this year LBC breakfast legend Steve Allen was invited to Oslo’s outskirts to choose the tree:  

While in Oslo, he recorded a show - Steve Allen's Christmas Adventures - which will be on LBC over the festive period.

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