Monday 13 December 2010

December 2010 Advent Radio Blog 14

Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion (PHC)- one of the many great things about this variety show is that it is always seasonal- so the current broadcasts will be very festive. So stock up with powdermilk biscuits and ketchup at Ralph’s Pretty Good grocery store and settle down with Darlene, the Norwegian bachelors and friends at the Sidetrack Cafe, along with the other English majors, for some Tales from Lake Wobegon. And if you are lucky some snowy trail tales from Dusty and the lives of the Cowboys too. And round it off with a festive mystery for Guy Noir, private eye.
You can listen to archives going back a fair few years at the PHC website:  

Here in the UK, BBC Radio 7 is broadcasting its hour long versions of what is a two hour show on National Public Radio in the States. A 2009 Christmas show is on BBC7 on Saturday 18th December at 0500 UTC, repeated 12 hours later at 1700 BST. Also a good start to Christmas proper with a BBC7 1400 UTC show on 24th December, repeated on 0500 UTC broadcast on 25th December:  

There is always audio and reading material based on the shows and even DVDs of some. For instance a digital download of a PHC Christmas (2 CDs worth ) for around £20. At the  online shop  

Memorable Christmas moments collected from live broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion®

Selections include music from the Hopeful Gospel Quartet and Anonymous 4; Garrison Keillor singing the Danish carol "Det Kimmer Nu," a hilarious "Twelve Days of Christmas" with sound-effects maestro Tom Keith, and a special Christmas edition of The News From Lake Wobegon®. 3 hours on 2 CDs.

And the above with books at the PHC outlet  
“The Garrison Keillor Christmas Collection gathers together Garrison Keillor's new holiday classic, A Christmas Blizzard along with A Prairie Home Christmas and A Christmas Companion. A Christmas Companion is a Christmas novella in which a man discovers a liking and appreciation for the holiday season after becoming stranded at a North Dakota airport in a blizzard. A Prairie Home Christmas and The Christmas Companion both gather highlights from Christmas shows from the past 20 years. Each features songs, stories and sketches designed to make any holiday gathering memorable and enjoyable."

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