Wednesday, 22 December 2010

December 2010 Radio Advent blog 22

There is special place in my heart for the British DX Club, BDXC, of which I have been a member since the 1990s and general editor of the monthly bulletin “Communication” since 2005. I also run the BDXC Audio Circle, a monthly programme available on mp3, CD or audio cassette. Full details including logs, news, downloads frequency guides, social events and DXpeditions, plus the important membership details are at:  

From Finland, Mika Makelainen publishes reports on the DXpeditions to Lemmenjoki in Finland's Arctic North. Imagine how deep and crisp the snow is laying there as you read this!

2010 DXpedition in Finnish and English: and  
Check out the details at the ever excellent DXing Info website:
2009 DXpedition

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