Monday 6 December 2010

December 2010 Radio Advent blog 6

Adapted from my December 2003 websites column for Radio Active, with some additions:

Winternet radio

It's the time of year when department stores and radio station play a selection of hoary chestnuts in the form of Christmas pop songs. If you have had too much Mistletoe and Wine or can't stomach another rendition of “Last Christmas”, then join me now on a tour of some alternative wintry Internet radio stations, in countries that are guaranteed a white Christmas.

It's back to Switzerland first to Swiss Radio International in Bern. Their shortwave broadcasts ceased with energy being transferred to their web output. I'm not alone in bemoaning the loss of the station and favourite programmes of the past like Swiss Shortwave Merry Go Round, but time moves on, and there is a good selection of all things Swiss on the website at:  

N.B Swissinfo with Bob Zanotti can now be heard at  )

For local radio in Switzerland, and a mixture of traditional Alpine music and Swiss pop, try Radio Suisse Romande (RSR) Couleur 3:

and Radio delle Swizzeria Italiana (RSI):  They also have a 2010 advent calendar at:  

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